TetriStation 2.0

A great game with new game modes to make Tetris more fun & difficult
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TetriBox or TetriStation is a classic Tetris arcade game with simple variations that make it even more fun, entertaining and difficult; the variations or game modes go from the simple tetris in which you have to match full horizontal rows of little squares to make them disappear and prevent them from reaching the top, to the very complex and brain-killing hexagon matching mode.

Besides the normal game mode, TetriBox includes several modes such as replacing standard squares by small triangles which are put together to form very strange shapes much more difficult to fit one with another. There is also a color mode in which you have to form triads of the same color to eliminate them; likewise, we have the Hexagon mode, which is the most difficult since it's almost impossible to form a perfect horizontal row with these shapes! But even if you do your best, when the speed increases, there is nothing you can do to survive. There are also other game modes that you will have to discover by playing TetriBox.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Make you use your brain
  • Fun


  • Bad music
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